Energy Efficiency Assessments

House & Residential Energy Efficiency Assessment

NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) house ratings use computer simulations to determine the potential thermal comfort of Australian homes on a scale of zero to 10 stars. The more stars, the less likely the occupants will need cooling or heating to stay comfortable.

The minimum design documentation required when modelling a dwelling is:

• site plan — including a north point
• floor plan/s
• elevations
• sections
• construction material details
• lighting location plan/electrical schedule
• window, skylight, roof window and door schedule/details including size, glass and frame type, opening style, location

Energy consumption by hot water systems, lights or household appliances is not considered in the rating because these fittings are usually replaced several times during the life of the building.

We use an ABSA Accredited Assessor and uses Bers Pro software to provide a NatHERS Specialised Assessment Certificate for each new dwelling .

If you want to learn more about how NatHERS star ratings are calculated using NatHERS Accredited Software, please see

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